Sometimes, your fantasy may come true, but if it isn’t, or wasn’t, what you were/are expecting, and even if it was only for that moment, was it worth it? Or are/were you too selfish and wanted more? Can you handle the reality that comes after fantasy?

What’s the point of replying to my text with “Can’t talk”?
Then don’t reply if you can’t talk!

I absolutely hate when gay guys say that they want to only assoicate with “straight acting” guys. It’s like… why are you not accepting that you’re a big fat homo?! Embrace that shit, I’m not saying you have to be extremely effeminate/flamboyant in order to do so, but be proud and and accepting of who you are and how you are.

There’s no reason to be prejudice against people who are similar to you in a society filled with people who have prejudices against people who are gay due to “religious” beliefs, misunderstandings, and distasteful attitudes.
I’m not saying we all need to hold hands and sing kumbaya, but we need to be accepting of one another and our differences; have a sense of love and understanding for one another… because it’s a cruel world out there.

I just woke up from the strangest dream. I can’t remember much, but I can recall some characters from Queer As Folk, Gods from Greek Mythology, and witchcraft being involved, where does my mind drift off to when I’m sleeping?!

Texas, I’m getting tired of your bipolar weather. Like how the fuck go from cold, rainy, and gloomy to cool, sunny, bright, and breezy within a day?

I’ll keep this our dirty little secret, won’t tell anyone because it would be a huge regret.